Successful Projects

Fixona – UK based Tech start Up

UCVME – Manchester Digital Platform

Retino – London based Retinal Scanner

DATP- Data Analytics Start Up

Evergreen – Healthcare Start Up


Ear Clear Hear – Mobile Ear Wax Removal Franchise

Buckshaw Babes – Lancashire based Nursery Franchise

Scooch – Online Eco Scoter Retailer


Dioxin  – Male Pattern Baldness Shampoo

Protil8 – Meal Replacement 

Ramoxilin – Blood thinner


Seismology is focussed on providing SEIS Investment to UK businesses which we believe have high levels of growth potential. The UK has long been regarded at the forefront of innovation within the Tech, Engineering, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical space and at Seismology we are helping start ups realise their dreams. All our investments are wrapped up in the HM Governments SEIS/EIS Tax schemes as we feel its the most efficient way for a start up to raise capital whilst mitigating the high risk facing potential investor.

We have a diverse team which encompasses Sales, Financials, Design and Software development. The team has been working together on projects for the last 3 years and our business relies on the breadth of talent which we use to make informed decisions about potential opportunities before we bring them to the market place.

Our long held belief is that start up investment combines a high risk and high reward outlook and without proper due diligence the liquidity the start up market needs would dry up .

SEIS Investment

Our core business is focussed on the provision of high quality SEIS opportunities which we believe have realistic chances of significant capital accumulation. All our current opportunities are listed under the Investments tab and welcome discussions with existing and potential customers alike. 

Raising Funding

With an increasingly competitive business environment, it’s imperative that high quality opportunities are not wasted because of a lack of resources. At Seismology we are always looking to talk to start ups who meet our investment criteria. We can help you raise anywhere from £50,000- £150,000 from our network of investors.

Get Market Ready

Seismology is a full service house offering writing of pitch decks, financial modelling, marketing materials and software design. We work with companies to tae their business to the next level which is secondary round funding or sale. The directors have many years experience in this field and are constantly challenging themselves professionally.