At Tower Financial Search , we add value in a number of different areas including:

  • Saving our clients time and resources in sourcing and vetting candidates

  • We have access to a wider range of candidates;

  • We can help in getting a clients name into the market in a very selective way

  • We can also be discreet about hiring, not letting the market know that our clients are actively looking for new hires

  • Candidates like to go through us to keep their anonymity

  • We have a very detailed vetting process to qualify candidate information.

Our wide range of contacts and knowledge within our markets allows us to be able to instantly know where to look for specific candidates.  In many cases we are able to go straight to people we know could be a good fit for roles from personal relationships made over the past years.

We are also able to verify claims made by candidates relating to their career history, and revenue figures. From our mappings of different firms, we have a very good knowledge of who are the top producers on desks.

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Contingent Search

Working on an Ad Hoc basis we only get paid when you get a return on your investment. This ensures best practice and we strive to provide the most comprehensive candidates files possible. This will include historical P&L, client relationship and products.

Retained Search

Working on a monthly retained fee basis we provide candidate flow and competitor information 365 days of the year to help meet your specific requirements.

Market Mapping

Working on a Fixed Term Fee basis using our comprehensive database and strong links within the industry we are able too accurately and quickly profile the competitors in your space to identify key targets.

Contingency Planning

Drawing on our experience we are able to provide market commentary to our clients so that they are best placed to make strategic business decisions across things such as acquisitions, poaching, redundancy and succession planning.